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A stylish video of your stand

iStandVideo creates quality audiovisual content

to improve the visibility and positioning of companies exhibiting in international trade fairs, at fair prices,

with a very enveloping and particular visual style.

What is iStandVideo?

iStandVideo is a video of your stand. It’s that simple.

Your company’s participation costs in trade fairs are very high and involve a great deal of effort for a few days of exposure.


What better way to prolong that brief exposure and make it pay off than a video capturing that moment?


To create a 2 minute video, we will visit your stand recording the surroundings, the products, the service and the general look of your space within the trade fair in which you are participating.

What is iStandVideo used for?

You can use the video as an audiovisual record of your company, for your social network profiles, website,  or even for your sales team...